Linux Web Hosting Sites

When it comes to stability and security, Linux web hosting is easily one of the best options available. While Windows servers are generally better for enterprises, Linux servers are totally versatile. Linux based websites can do anything and everything. If you are going to operate a website, you need to know the differences, but also which hosts actively use the Linux operating system to simplify web hosting. We have looked into quite a few different web hosts, but we are first going to tell you the advantages of running Linux as your preferred web server operating system.


Advantages Of Using Linux Over Windows Hosting

One of the main advantages to Linux is that it is inexpensive. Linux is fairly inexpensive compared to most of the other brands of operating system.

We have found that multiple Linux distributions can all be used to back your website. You will most commonly see that Fedora, Red Hat and Debian are currently some of the most popular Linux distributions.

Linux has the advantage over Windows operating systems in that, rather than sole FTP access, you will also see that TELNET and SSH access can both be used connect to your server. Linux servers more typically use CGI and Perl access over Windows servers. PHP is easier to mold on a Linux server, while ASP is more viable on Windows servers.

Linux servers cannot build databases with Access, leaving only mySQL to Linux users. In the end, Windows and Linux servers are both fairly similar, but Linux is generally more common.

Why We Do What We Do For You

Linux is ultimately one of the best ways to host your website, and we recommend it above nearly any other operating system for web hosting that is available.

We are dedicated to helping you find the hosting you need for your site with cost in mind. We understand that new websites don't always earn their keep right away. With help, you can host your site with very little overhead until it becomes profitable.

As we have said, most web servers run Linux OS. We have determined that through a number of different hosting companies, Linux is the only form of hosting offered. Basically, users will never really have to deal with a hosting company that does not offer Linux hosting. With some observation, you will find a wide range of variation between web hosts by way of Linux distributions, features, and prices. In our travels with some of the most diverse hosting companies, Linux servers can be commonly had in dedicated, shared, or VPS form.

Linux Host Popular Features Linux Hosting Starting At: Free Domain? Learn More
GreenGeeks 300% Green Energy Powered, Wordpress $4.99 Per Month Yes, 1 Free For Life Visit Site
Arvixe Fantastico Installer For Wordpress $4.00 Per Month Yes, 1 Free For Life Visit Site
GoDaddy Blog Installation, Domain Registration $3.76 Per Month (36) Not Available Visit Site
iPage Script Library, Blog Install, Sitebuilder $2.95 Per Month Yes, 1 Free Domain Visit Site
HostGator Wordpress, Several E-Commerce Tools $3.96 Per Month Not Available Visit Site
JustHost osCommerce Tools, Wordpress, Joomla $4.45 Per Month Yes, 1 Free Domain Visit Site
HostNine cPanel, PHP, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla $3.95 Per Month Not Available Visit Site
Host-I-Can Wordpress, Joomla, Unlimited Space $4.95 Per Month Not Available Visit Site
MochaHost Sitebuilder, Unlimited Email $1.95 Per Month Not Available Visit Site
LunarPages osCommerce Tools & Shopping Carts $4.95 Per Month Not Available Visit Site


We first came to HostGator as one of the main web hosting services that we observed. They offer their users one of the most streamlined services out there. They have shared and dedicated Linux servers alike, as well as VPS servers. HostGator has a minimum cost of $3.96 per month, which means you will not have to break your bank in order to keep a website growing. Personal and business sites alike are perfect for HostGator. When we decided to run with HostGator, we found that they offer their users some of the most significant features for the lowest prices. HostGator is undoubtedly one of the best services available for web hosting.


GoDaddy offers their users stable Linux servers under their "Fourth Generation Hosting" service. A minimum cost of $4.99 can get you easy access to their service, with a minimum hosting term of 3 months. You will see that they offer discounts at 12, 24, and 36 months with all of their packages, leaving the Ultimate package to be their best. GoDaddy's impressive hosting service is fully available immediately after you decide to go with them, as they even help you register your site. GoDaddy has made it very easy to establish a site, as they are cheap, easy to use, and they even offer their inexpensive Website Tonight program. GoDaddy has made it as easy as possible to build a website.


HostNine is another of our preferred Linux based hosting services. They offer their users shared, dedicated, and VPS servers based on the Linux OS. We have found that they provide inexpensive pricing, with a $3.95 minimum cost on their service. We have found that HostNine offers a number of different options amongst each type of server. In the event that you decide upon HostNine, you will be able to easily build your Linux site in a matter of hours, as they offer a solid do it yourself website builder. HostNine provides their users with one off the most extensive sets of features, all backed by 99.9% up time and inexpensive pricing. This is definitely one of the best Linux web hosting sites.